About Ontime

Ontime Seva is one of India's foremost B2B portals, constantly evolving and adding value in business by giving its agent the best technology, deals and a user-friendly platform to transact and achieve their own financial freedom.

Ontime Seva B2B portal is a channel used to sell to business customers (called business partners) are typically SMB's. (Small And Medium sized business) Ontime Seva launches B2B portal with the aim to provide seamless access to various services on single platform.


Ontime Seva portal offers you greater flexibility in your search who are looking for particular service.

Our portal that provide freelance jobs and grow the business without investing too much money. This platform helps you to earn money online to increase financial inflows.

This platform that are helping thousands of businesses to grow and reach their customers to connect with each other and expand the business online, you can start from home or anywhere else with just your passions and skills. If you have experience managed online businesses yourself, then this is a helpful service we can provide.


We look to serve you with nothing but the best and solicit your help in making the Ontime Seva venture, a monumental success.

With great support and faith by our B2B as well as placed business policies, we look to add more business partners to our list of associates.
Our platform is meant to grow with you.